From a very early age, Adam Dias began finding the inner beauty in redwood burl. After working under the guidance of his father, John Dias, for nearly 17 years, in 2007, Dias struck out on his own and created Dias Artistries. A professional wood turner by trade, Dias also dabbled in carved bowls, furniture building, and many other natural wood working mediums. After a very successful career as a wood working artists, In 2018 Dias shut down his gallery in Rio Dell, and headed to the famous Avenue of the Giants, where he now builds a limited number of pieces for Burlwood Gallery. With the exception of Burlwood Gallery, Dias only takes on very select wood working projects. In recent years, Dias has moved further into laser engraving and design, and now has a new company called Redwood Laser.  About retiring from natural wood working, Dias says "My career as a natural wood working artist has been very successful. I have sold pieces all over the world. It's been a great run, but it's now time to pass my trade along to the next generation." Soon, In 2019-2020 Dias plans to partner with local high school and college wood shops to help teach students the nearly lost art of natural wood working. " My goal is to show kids that you can make a living and be successful doing something you love." If you are headed to the Avenue of the Giants, and want to see some of Dias' work on display, be sure to stop by Burlwood Gallery, 26540 Hwy 254 Redcrest Ca. 95569

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